I'm really feeling it!

Hello everyone and welcome back to TAY Time Chat! I'll be your host for today. I love when stores start competing for their clients and start doing ridiculous deals for winning more sales, even if it means slashing their prices, like Walmart offering GTA V for $34 on Black Friday, only for Amazon to sweeten the deal and offer it a couple of days earlier, free shipping and tax free... the image above couldn't be more accurate of the situation we live each Holiday season, a reckless competition to demonstrate who's the fittest...


News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day!

Ocha O Nomi Ni Ku Ka by Torpedo Boyz

Well I'll be off to finish watching that episode of Rurouni Kenshin, bake some more cookies, and wait for my copy of GTA V! But hey we have a Open Forum, the Off - TAYpic by fyst and much more delicious posts in TAY Classic.

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