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Hello people, Nach here! Your lovely host bringing always something interesting to talk about during the Graveyard Shift, o my last entry had a lot of Mario content... it's becoming a tradition of making follow up topics for TGS... I can't help it! Plus, that new trailer got me all excited about playing it!

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...And now let us return to our main feature for the night!

Our topics for the night are...

Impressions from the Nintendo Direct

Well actually impressions from the Super Mario 3D World new gameplay trailer! Colour me impressed and hyped! I don't know how many times I've seen this video ever since it was published today, but IMHO I'm loving it!

And it seems the same team that composed the soundtrack for Paper Mario Sticker Star is behind the track that is played in the trailer! HYPED!


Don't touch it Mario! Don't touch it!!!

So we learn that while strolling through the Mushroom Kingdom one night, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad stumble upon a clear warp pipe, while examining it a green fairy pops out and BOOM! Bowser does his best impression of Link and catches it in a bottle!


Whoah! what a story! Hey at least Peach wasn't kidnapped! Heck, Bowser didn't even notice her and she was right in front of his eyes! Silly King of the Koopas! So our heroes venture into this strange new world with a different style of map screen, kinda like a cross over between the Super Mario World map screen and a hub map. The paths are outlined but you can roam out of them, according to Bill Trinen from Nintendo, this new map design hold many secrets.


Heading into these stages, we learn about the game new features, we all know about the Cat power up and how it's the staple of this game, much like the Raccoon power up was for SMB3 or the Super Cape was for Super Mario World.

Haha so cute, he's trying to catch that bird!

What we did learn, is that Nintendo has some other cool power ups under their sleeve, like the Double Cherry, which creates a clone of your hero and gives you full control of them, expect mayhem in the multiplayer portion of the game with 8 characters in the screen at the same time!


The Level design also looks way better than they showed back in May, some old designs come back, like the Tank levels from SMB3, also some other new designs and enemies made their first appearance in this trailer.

This is not going to be a pleasant ride in multiplayer!

and finally there are new items to grab, like a exploding soccer ball (well in this case kick), a piranha plant with some eating disorders, bombs, baseballs, and who knows what other crazy new ideas the developing team at Nintendo will come up with!



All in all the game looks promising, maybe it was the low expectations I had, but I'm looking forward for this game, and it may be a good reason to buy a Wii U!


So has any game from the recent Nintendo Direct caught your attention?

Boom! 2nd topic... So it's October... and you know what does that means? Yep Halloween

You know I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, maybe cause I didn't grow up with the tradition, I mean I knew of the existence of it, but the Venezuelan society never cared about it, so yeah for me it's just another holiday where kids get their bellies stuffed with candy and impersonate their favorite characters...


I do have a great memory, and that was two years ago when I spent a Halloween night at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL, all of the Theme Parks in Florida (or at least almost all of them), have these special dates they call Halloween Horror Nights, where the park changes completely and Haunted Houses are the main attractions, the roller coasters are open till 3AM, and the streets are roaming with zombies and monsters! I had lots of fun, just watching people scream like crazy whenever a zombie jumped out of the bushes!

My question is... do you care about Halloween? and if you do, do you have any fond memories in special?


So that's about it! pick a topic to talk about, or both of them, or maybe none and just talk about anything else cause this is the Graveyard Shift ^.^

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