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Duh Graveyard Shift - Featuring TUT and a Cat

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So . . . You guys heard how I tried that "Egg sauce over rice" dish earlier, right? Yea, it was good and all . . . But I totally started being hesitant about halfway through, because Astro was like "Hurga durga salmonella hurg durgdurgdurg". Prior to having that mental image in mind, I just didn't care. Raw egg, no biggie. Food's food. Totally ran at it without major thought because, well, it's easier to brush off hesitation if there is none, you know? But, about halfway through, I kept thinking "God, I can practically taste the salmonella in this thing" and came at a standstill. My mother had salmonella when I was younger, and I remember how she was bed-ridden for about a whole week due to it. I have classes, and finals next week. I actually shouldn't even be distracting myself with new dishes and hanging out with you guys, but what the hell, amirite? (#YOLO) But still, I hesitated.

"What do I do? Do I finish it? What if I get sick because I went and ate the whole goddamn bowl like a moron? What if I don't finish it? Will the karma gods be like 'hahaha, look at this jackass. What'cha gonna do, punk? Oh, what's that? You're not gonna finish the meal like a coward, just because you don't wanna get sick? *POOF* GUESS WHO'S FAILING THEIR CLASSES NOW!?'?"

In the end, I didn't finish. I actually got full. I still had like . . . the equivalent to two spoonfuls (Chopsticks FTW~), but I wasn't gonna bother anymore. Still, the thought of there being "Karma gods" is a pretty fun one, isn't it? I'll go ahead and say that, no, I'm not really religious. But I damn right fall prey to little superstitions like that, if only because I've learned that life can be mean at times, and it's more fun than just going on without internal monologue. So, what about you, my fellow TAYter Tots? Ever have little beliefs like that? Any of 'em ever struck you as funny?

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