Hello! This is a TAY-Blip!

The Graveyard Shift needs a brave, skillful, young adult who is a teenager at heart with attitude to help host the Friday nights.

Or just anyone for that matter....

If you're new around here or need a reminder, the GS is the nightly Open Forum were the late night peeps hard at work or in the future(Australia) have a place to chat and mingle.

  • Goes up at 9:00ish pm EST
  • *There is no necessity for a theme or topic, those are ice breakers to get a conversions going or not. You are free to talk about whatever you heart desires.
  • Simple format really (Will fill ya in later)
  • Not permanent, let me know if you can't keep helping out no problem =)

Other than that...yeah pretty much :I

Noted to help out: Jolly, and Messiah