I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time, and today seems like as good a day as any. Over two years ago, Lifehacker reported on a study regarding the effects of video game music on productivity. The findings of the study didn’t really surprise me at all, as I have used video game soundtracks as my background accompaniment since I was in college (over a decade an a half ago).


On any given day I have video game music streaming from my phone, whether I’m at the gym, on my daily commute, or at work. I listen to other forms of music as well, but there are just certain days where I really want to hear the familiar tracks from any number of my favorite games.

More recently though, I have decided that I want to give my playlists a bit more depth and meaning. Allow me to explain: rather than throwing together all of my favorite tracks from various video game soundtracks, I want to create distinct playlists that I will listen to in a specific situation, and here is the kicker: I want you to help me create them!


The Rules

Each week that I write a post for this segment, I will reach out and ask for your help in gathering a collection of tracks from video games that fulfill the needs of my playlist. Each week, I will get things started by giving you the following:

  • The playlist name and theme
  • The total length of time of the playlist
  • One to three tracks I have chosen that will go on the playlist, along with my justification for those tracks.

If you want to help me build out the playlist, then please provide the following:

  • A video game track of your choosing that fits the theme for that week’s playlist
  • A link to YouTube, SoundCloud, or another outlet where I can listen to the track
  • The reason you think that it would be a solid addition to that playlist

You are welcome to submit more than one track, and once I get enough submissions, I will go through them, pick the ones that I feel best exemplify the theme, and start composing the playlist. Once I have finalized it, I will present it in the next week’s post, and I will also introduce the next themed playlist.


This Week’s Playlist

Title: The Journey Begins

Theme: The Morning Commute

Time: 30 minutes

My Track:

Track 1 - “The Great Sea” from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Original Soundtrack (Runtime - 2:40)



This may very well be my favorite Zelda “overworld” theme. It’s powerful, bright, and bouncy. If I am going to set off towards whatever adventure awaits me at work on any given day, I can’t think of a better track to accompany me as I pull out of my driveway. This track always makes me feel like any challenges that I meet on the commute to work are no different than the ships firing cannonballs at Link as he made his way from one island to another in Wind Waker. When I encounter them, I need only adjust my course, and press on towards the silhouette of an island that I see on the horizon.


Your turn

So that’s my choice for the first track of this playlist, and now I need you to help me fill out the rest of it. Give me your track suggestion and justification for why you think that track matches the theme. The tracks that I think fit the theme best will be added to the finalized playlist, which I will reveal next week!

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