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With the Xbox One X coming out soon, I was able to snag a deal on an Xbox One (Geeze, that’s an annoying name. Do people still shorten it to Xbone?) that was too good to resist. So now I have a weird problem: what games should I get for this thing?

Xbox has kind used the word “exclusive” pretty liberally when it comes to the Xbox. I got a pretty good PC that can play all of its multiplatform exclusives on par or better than the console. I’m hoping to outsource my search for good games I never paid attention to due to not owning an Xbox. So what I’m looking to add to my Xbox One library is:

  • Games that are actually only found on the Xbox console; true exclusives.
  • Couch multiplayer or co-op games since that’ll probably what it’ll be used for most.
  • Console exclusives, or games that somehow didn’t make it to PC.
  • Any last gen Xbox games that are compatible with Xbox One because I missed all those Xbox consoles too.

Help a dude out?

Things I have my eyes on already: Rare Replay, Sunset Overdrive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection (although I’ve heard mixed reactions on the collection?), Halo 5, basically anything Halo.

Update: Fable 2, Gears of War games, Cuphead. Thanks for the suggestions!

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