I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey everybody, I've finished a few different series since I've last reviewed something for TAY, and I wanted to know what you guys would like me to review first! I've finished 4 shows since my last review, so that's what you have to choose from, unless there's some overwhelming outcry to review something I haven't seen yet. Anyway, your choices are:

Baka To Test, seasons 1 & 2 - One of my favorite comedy series, pretty much ever right now


Say I Love You - An adorable romance show, with a straightforward story

Blue Exorcist - A good old fashioned shonen, with a few twists thrown in to keep it a good time


YAHARI - A fun rom-com that does things a little differently than most

The Early Results are in! I'll leave the final results until tomorrow, but here are the numbers as they stand so far


Baka To Test - 4

Say I Love You - 0

Blue Exorcist - 4

Yahari - 6

Winner is YAHARI! Order of reviews will then be as follows:


2. Blue Exorcist

3. Baka To Test

4. Say I Love You

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