(Update: It turns out I can't stream anything. Cutscenes, gameplay, it's all blocked using the PS4's streaming capabilities. I don't own a capture card and can't get around this restriction, so it looks like I'll have to forego the stream for now. It's such a bummer and I'm sorry peeps.)

I had a friend recently visit Japan for a leisurely holiday of consumerism and not much else, and to my delight he brought me back a used copy of Yakuza: Ishin! (龍が如く 維新!)

Now it's no secret that I'm learning Japanese in my spare time, but my phrasebook is fairly limited. I will not be able to play this game. I am an English man diving headfirst into a game that is all about... Swords? Japanese people with swords? Awesome voices? That's literally everything I know about this game.

That's why I would like to invite TAY to join me in my broadcast, so that I can somehow make sense of this game (30 second delay notwithstanding...)

I'll be using a guide but for the most part I am hugely screwed. The broadcast will go up around 15:30 EDT. I seldom stream and am fairly new to Twitch so it'll be an adventure. Oh God.