I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So there is a dilemma in the ACOD household. My wife needs a new game to play (when she isn’t playing Pokemon Yellow on her new sweet Pikachu 3DS XL that I got her for her birthday two weeks ago) and she can’t find anything she likes.


Here are the requirements (she is a little picky) for the game she is looking to play next.

  • Has to allow you to create your own character. She is very big on making her own character and spending HOURS wasting everyone’s time while she tries out every goddamn single hairstyle available.
  • Has to be an RPGish game. Like you level up and stuff. Doesn’t have to be turn based, just the leveling up and control of your character and their jobs and such.
  • Cannot be a shooter. She hates shooters. She doesn’t mind watching someone else play a shooter, she just can’t handle them (doesn’t want to try). She doesn’t like to aim, she just wants to bash things in the head with a sword.
  • Must be third person perspective. She hates first person for some reason, hence the hatred of shooters mentioned above.
  • Preferably for the PS4 or PS3. Will consider PC.

That is her list of demands. I have tried to look stuff up but can’t find anything that seems to meet all the criteria other than games she has already played.

Games she loves that fit this mold are Dragon Age Origins, Dragons Dogma, Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic. She is looking for another game like that.

Any help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated. I have suggested she try any of the Souls games, but she hates those because she has watched me sink about 10,000 hours into them and she will never play them not no way, not no how.


Please help me find a game for her, next week is her Spring Break (she’s a teacher) and I really don’t need her calling me at work every 10 minutes because she is bored.

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