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I'm really feeling it!
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Help my wife find a new game to play: Update

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Thanks for all the suggestions! After a short conversation with my wife that had me informing her everyone said she should suck it up and play Mass Effect that nearly got a controller hurled at my face, my wife finally decided on her next endeavor.



Final Fantasy 14.

But then we looked up the subscription fees. And we really couldn’t justify paying that much for a game my wife would only really be able to play during school breaks and over the summer. At least not yet (there is hope Voltaire Crescent, someday).


So then she looked at the other MMO that is on the PS4 and has good reviews: Elder Scrolls Online.

We picked up the disk version at Best Buy (with a sweet 20% discount with the gamers thing they do now) and immediately had to delete half the shit off my PS4 because 500 gigs is apparently not enough for all of my gaming needs.


After finally nailing down enough space to install the game, she cracked into it and has barely put it down since. That was a slight surprise since she has never really been too keen on the Elder Scrolls series before, but she has quickly become enamored with the game.

After a few hiccups of trying to go to areas way above her level too early, she has been breezing through quests like a pro. She even got me into the game, which wasn’t hard since I love the Elder Scrolls games. Now we fight over who gets to play when.


Anyway, if you have an account and still play, feel free to add us as friends. She is level 15ish and I am almost level 9. Our PSN names are CupcakeCote and TurkagaluWalters(don’t ask) respectively.

Also, I now have to get a larger hard drive for my PS4 because every time I have an update I need to delete something so it will fit. #FirstWorldProblems.

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