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Summer’s approaching and thoughts of the oncoming videogame drought are filling our heads.

In our latest Theme Week Challenge, I asked for your opinions on how you’re dealing with or have dealt with the ‘phenomenon’ of the videogame drought: a time of year that happens over the course of Summer where it seems quality videogame releases are few and far in-between.


You answered, TAY, in some creative ways. Below, I’ve compiled each article all in one place with short summaries. Don’t forget to click the full links to read each entry in its entirety.


Videogame Summer drought? That’s a fabrication. Astronaughte takes a look at Summers past to see what the release schedules looked like. New console launches and changing approaches to how we consume games lead to some interesting finds.


Bleed Wryder

Summers are for optimizing your videogame experiences with careful consideration on how you’re spending those days and your money. In doing so, they’re for—unwittingly—planning your financial future. This is the Summer Bleed Wryder thoughtfully recalls and it’s one many of us have shared.



There’s no Summer drought when there’s a backlog a mile long. Final Fantasy XIV’s expansion, Stormblood, on its own ensures that. Drea lists a few other games that she hasn’t even gotten to or made any real progress in yet. We’re all in this together!



An unfinished, ruined game of Secret of Mana. Smash Bros. Melee in the parking lot instead of countless opportunities at trouble. Halo and a few good friends to share and make memories with. These are the stages of life Frattyman recalls in his Summer gaming adventures with a common thread that continues to this day: multiplayer bonding.



2017 is a year that has started incredibly strong for videogames. If you’re playing catch up from the beginning of the year, Summer’s going to be a great time to do so. Ishamael marvels at all that’s been released and all that may soon come!


Lightsaber Ninja

Discovering new series and growing a love of it from there is preferable when you’ve got the long days of Summer stretched out in front of you, and games that are as detailed as Grand Theft Auto to bide your time with.  How could you go wrong? There’s so much to love and much to destroy, as Lightsaber Ninja recalls.


Papito Qinn

Here’s a thoughtful perspective from Papito on the Summer Drought. It’s something that doesn’t exist when you’ve had to cautiously plan for your gaming hobby. With limited funds and accessibility to games, it’s a necessity that leads to calculated and smart purchases.



Here are some words of wisdom in a post by Randomsome that intimates: it doesn’t matter what you’re playing next because you’ll likely never get to it all. Replay something old or play something new to you from a backlog. The point is to enjoy what you are doing.



In an effort to manage his game buying compulsion, Rer pledged to play some of his backlog and enjoy what he already has. It’s an experiment that takes him through July, and it just so happens the Summer Drought aligns with his noteworthy goals.


Zee The Baka

If there’s one thing some of us have learned through this theme week, it’s that an overwhelming backlog means we’ll never be without something to play, no matter the time of year. They could be games we haven’t played yet or haven’t finished. There is also that Car Mechanic Simulator that Zee really needs to get on. Because let’s face it: those cars won’t fix themselves.



Narelle “Zarnyx” Ho Sang

The thrills of Summer mysteries with a supernatural twist invaded my quiet July in 2016 when I became enraptured with Level-5's first Yo-kai game. This year, I’m hoping to recapture the spirit of slight creepiness in new stories and a whole slew of new yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch 2. I’m looking forward to a cultural Summer adventure that’s more joyful and lighthearted than my own childhood.


Thank you to all who contributed*! Thanks to everyone who took the time to read or leave a comment. Your perspectives on the Summer drought have been delightful and insightful. Seems many of us have backlogs to contend with, and some wonderful memories of Summers past that shaped how we approach gaming today.


*If I overlooked adding an entry, please let me know!

Note: This round of Theme Week may officially be at an end but if you wanted to contribute something still, please feel free! And here’s to gaming and new memories made in the months to come.


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