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I'm really feeling it!
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Thanks for playing and watching us tonight! We had a lot of people interested, so sorry if you didn’t get a chance to play tonight, but we will be doing more game nights since it was such a success tonight! Special thanks to Smi1ey for broadcasting on Twitch and Yannick LeJacq for sharing on the Kotaku main page! GG all!

Yannick, Smi1ey and I are going to play a few matches and we will continue to play at 10 PM like originally scheduled. Anyone who wants to play feel free to get online and join, or watch us below!



Join us tonight for some Heroes of the Storm action! We will be playing a couple custom games with friends of TAY and Kotaku. If you want to join in and play, please add me ArdillaNegra#1665 on Battle.net and download Curse Voice. We will be streaming the game night on Twitch, thanks to Smi1ey who was willing to broadcast!

You can watch here http://www.twitch.tv/mrsmi1ey

I’ve been chatting up with some people and were gonna schedule our first HotS game night for this Friday 8/14 at 10pm ET. I know a few people are running on Pacific Time so I figured 10 was early enough for us ET folk and late enough the PT people could join.


First things first, I think everyone should download Curse Voice before hand. Don’t have a microphone on your computer, but have a smartphone? Curse also has an app for both iPhone and Android, so you’re covered. Curse is great because it syncs with your Battle.net friends list making the need for servers and all that jazz a thing of the past. If you haven’t added me yet on battle.net, go ahead and do so ArdillaNegra#1665.

The plan is to have a few custom games going so that we can have two teams of 5 take on each other. I’d love it if someone wanted to stream it, unfortunately my ISP has the worst upload speeds so I can’t twitch, but I will record and post later.


I’m hoping if we have a good turnout and time that maybe in the future we’ll have more game nights of this nature. If you have any questions you can comment below or tweet me Twitter: @Ardilla_Negra

I’ve been chatting with quite a few people who are interested in having a game night playing Heroes of the Storm. My idea is to play a couple custom games where we can have a couple teams of 5 play against each other. I know that there are a few people who said they are interested already. Off the top of my head... Yannick, Smi1ey, SupremeEvan & Aikage.


Those who hasv’t played the game yet, but want to, I recommend you do get the game and practice a bit before. That goes for anyone who wants to join. If you haven’t tried HotS but are an avid LoL player, you should still download and play a couple rounds of HotS just to get accustomed to it.

I am available most every weekend. Maybe we could so Sunday? I am available during the week as well. Currently my work schedule is until 11pm ET in the week but that changes next month and I’ll be home around 8pm instead. Next week I am going to Colorado for vacation so I’ll be out for that, but that gives us plenty of time to get everyone together. Let me know what you guys think!


So the questions that remain are

  • Who else is interested?
  • Do we want to do team leaders?
  • If so, who wants to be team leaders?
  • What day and time is best for everyone?

If you’re interested in playing leave a comment below. I’ll be looking for answers to the questions above and any other suggestions you may have. I will update this post as necessary. You can also leave your battletag or email address so that we can contact you.


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