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Recently, I’ve been posting about wanting to see more StarCraft characters added to Heroes of the Storm. Growing up, StarCraft was my obsession. I had only ever played one other RTS before and that was Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Both were great games, but it was the StarCraft lore and story that really captured my attention. While I have been focusing primarily on some Terran additions I would like to see, such as Mengsk and the Medic. I have received lots of feedback calling for more Protoss characters. In particular, everyone seems to want Fenix to join the battle in the Nexus.

“Ah, Executor! En Taro Adun! It is good to see you once more upon the field of battle. You know, Executor, although we two have marched across hundreds of worlds together, I never imagined that we would be fighting on Aiur. The Zerg are indeed worthy foes.” - Fenix


Praetor Fenix

Fenix was a Protoss Zealot, Praetor of the Protoss Defense Force and one of the first Protoss heroes we meet in the original StarCraft games. Fenix rose through the Templar ranks alongside his friends Artanis and Tassadar and fought against all the enemies of the Protoss. During the Second Battle of Antioch, Fenix fell to the Zerg forces. As a Hydralisk ambushed him, his psionic blades malfunctioned. His desecrated visera was later recovered by the Protoss and he was placed into a Dragoon exo-skeleton.

When Tassadar returned to their homeworld of Aiur, Fenix immediately joined his rebellion against the Conclave. Tassadar was surprised to see Fenix alive and in the shell of a dragoon. Fenix, along with Dark Prelate Zeratul and his Dark Templar, assisted in the destruction of the Heart of the Conclave, but Tassadar, unwilling to let his brethren continue killing each other, surrendered and was taken prisoner to await execution. The Dark Templar vanished, and Fenix wondered if it was a good idea for Tassadar to have put any faith into them. Fenix refused to stand by while the Conclave prepared to execute Tassadar.


Joined by Tassadar’s terran companion, Jim Raynor, Fenix embarked on a desperate rescue attempt. The would-be rescuers were surrounded by the Conclave’s troops as they reached Tassadar’s stasis cell, and were in turn rescued by Zeratul and the Dark Templar. Upon his death, Kerrigan mocked Raynor, saying that Fenix died the way all protoss hope to do: in combat. Enraged, Raynor swore he would kill Kerrigan for this betrayal. Zeratul described Fenix as being “as stalwart a warrior as I have ever known” and Kerrigan acknowledged him as being “uncannily resourceful.” He has proven himself to be one of the strongest Protoss warriors of all time.

“Greetings Executor! And greetings to you, Tassadar. I am overjoyed to see you both return home in this dark hour. The Zerg have redoubled their efforts, and it seems-”

“Fenix? It can’t be! The Executor told me of how you fell before the Zerg. How is it that you live and breathe?”

“Ha hah... Well, after my unfortunate defeat, my ruined body was recovered by our brethren. I now reside within the cold, robotic shell of a Dragoon.”
- Fenix greets Tassadar


While Fenix started out as a Zealot, he is eventually given the Dragoon exo-skeleton to keep him alive. I could imagine that one of his ults would be much like how Tychus pilots an Odin. Fenix could warp in his Dragoon to have 100% increased Basic Attack range and use different Abilities. In the original StarCraft, Fenix’s Dragoon is equipped with the Singularity Charge upgrade. The cooldown time for his attack is lower than that of other Dragoons. He is also upgraded as a Zealot with Leg Enhancements giving him greater speed and the ability to rush his foes. I know that I am only one of many who would love to see Fenix battle in the Nexus. This is another shoutout to Blizzard, asking for more StarCraft heroes! En Taro Adun, Developers & For Aiur!


Let me know in the comments below what you want to see added from the StarCraft universe. I’m planning my next posts to be on Selendis and Dehaka, but I’m always open to more suggestions!

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