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What’s today’s article on? Novi where the fuck have you been? Don’t worry about that. No seriously its almost been like half a year. Let me live my life geez. Anyway I watched this amazing anime.

This was a pretty great show overall. And I loved all of the characters. Yes I know I am always behind as this aired back in 2018 that’s no reason to pass it up if you are looking for an anime for people about us trying to find love.


The main characters are a Video Game otaku our blue haired guy above, a Gal who makes and is very passionate about Boys Love (Yaoi) our pink haired lady above, A Cosplay otaku who is also in to Yaoi Green haired lady, A man who is in to Moe Kawaii stuff Orange haired man, who I didn’t want to wrestle with Kinja to upload since this one already looks odd but will probably be fine once I publish it.

So what did I actually like about it? Well it was a romance but like it didn’t take the typical trope of having the entire series be about will they or wont they. They (Blue and Pink ) get together after meeting when Pink gets a new job at the company and runs in to Blue they were childhood friends. Oh yeah I am totally just referring to everyone by hair color since there was no overlap in the main characters.

Pink was talking about how she quite literally had to had her entire otaku interests from previous guys and that it always sinks her relationships when the guys either finds out she’s in to Yaoi, and also creates it. That very night when they are going home though Blue is like hey I wouldn’t leave you over something like that. Dude was smooth as shit and well they decide to be a thing but its an awkward start since Blue has been a lonely gamer salary man for some time and Pink is having to be uh okay with the fact that she can actually be her self an d share in her hobby since he is not totally against it.

All the while Green and Orange a very water an oil at time couple support them while also dealing with their own issues. Eventually Blue’s little brother who is not an otaku but is just a really nice guy thankfully dyed his hair blonde which I will now refer to him as. He is trying to befriend another lonely otaku in college who is a Brunette, who I believe he wants to befriend since she reminds him of his brother in the fact that she is a gamer, seems to instinctively apologize and runaway when approached.


However he is a good guy and even promises to try and play games with her all while possibly not even realizing that she is a girl since she does look like a male in how she dresses and presents herself. Also Blonde truly does seem to be a dumb blonde in social situations but dammit he’s got a heart of gold.

Most of the issues that occur between the couples are resolved in that very same episode. Unlike most anime that have a big conflict or misunderstanding, or they add another character to throw a wrench in a relationship.


Nope that does not happen here and it was great it was a comfy show that kinda hit close to home as someone who has tried to date people that either outright weren’t interest in my interests, Video Games, Anime/Manga, Comics, and other general nerd stuff.

So I definitely recommend this show for people looking for a romance not based on high school kids but about some grown ass nerds just trying to live their lives together it’s pretty dang wholesome and only 11 episodes long.


I watched it on Amazon Prime but Jesus Christ yellow subs on black bars were a bit painful. I believe it is also available on Crunchy roll however there are a few free sites that are hosting the manga version. I am picking it up on Mangadex as it goes more in depth of course because manga is not limited by animation budgets, seasonal run times, and budget constraints. Also it’s still on going and I would totally love another season but I am cool with just reading it the rest of the way.

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