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"Hey, is that _____?" Celebrity Voices In Games

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Actors and actresses switching media is nothing new in the entertainment industry. From famous television personalities making that big jump to the silver screen, to old movie actors attempting to save a wavering career by joining the cast of one of a hundred different iterations of CSI, it seems many celebrity personalities are never content to stay with what made them famous.


Nowhere is this more prolific than the wide world of video games. Over the relatively short lifespan of the industry, dozens of celebrities have thrown their hat into the ring of video game voice acting, with varying amounts of success. Many gamers have decried the practice over the years. "Why pay the guy from 'Celebrities Churn Butter for 44 Minutes' several million dollars to voice the main protagonist for your game, when that money could be better spent making sure you aren't pulling the developer equivalent of shitting in a game case and asking us to pay for it?" In many cases, they were absolutely right to question the inclusion of said celebrity.

We're not here to discuss those times, but the times that a celebrity choice has gone very,very right. Those times when you think to yourself " I don't think this character would have been complete without the actor/actress they chose to provide the voice". Who are some of your favorites? Who have you detested?

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