Hellow fellow TAYers... so I'm going out tonight to grab something to eat... and well, watching food shows have given me the craving for three different plates, and I cna't make up my mind! So you will help me choose my dinner! YAY!

Choices are:

Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani. A rice delicacy of choicest cut of baby lamb shoulder with basmari rice, saffron, mint and mace. Looks good, tastes great!

Orechietti with Broccoli Rapini and Spicy Italian Sausage. No need for a description, pretty straightforward dish, the use of Broccoli Rapini instead of regular Broccoli, is because the former adds a bitter aftertaste to the plate that blends perfectly with the spices and the fennel in the sausage :3


Fish and Chips. And maybe a pint of Chocolate Stout :3

So TAY, vote for my dinner.... in the meantime I'm going to collapse from not having anything to eat since noon....