I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey TAY! It’s Lists season. I just created a “Lists” tag that you can use. To access it, use the drop down function on where you want to post, and you’ll see a sub category for “Story Type.” Right now there are two in there: one for Personal and one for Lists. Select List, and all your articles will be filed under “Lists” which, when you click it, should bring up all the stories we’ve filed under that tag.

I know there are lots of lists out there already, so if you want me to move them over, I can do that. Or if you’d prefer to do it yourself, that’s cool too. Just let me know!


Also, if there are any story type tags you’d like created, run it by me and we’ll see what we can manage to get it done.

Ideas I have so far: Features, Reviews, Impressions

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