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HEY TAY! Pokemon Tournament Time! (Ultimate Bump)

The competition will start on the 29th, so you have a little bit of time to make and test your team. I know we have some people who are competitive battlers and some who, well, aren't. That's OK, this is just for fun. And bragging rights. More information inside!

The Pokemon Tournament will last 10 days and be round robin style. That is, everyone battles everyone at least once. Or at least that's what we'll aim for. I'll set up a blip once a day for everyone to work out who and when they're battling and to post results. If you don't post it will count as a loss. It'll be under tag PokemonTourney if you can't find it.

Rules for making teams are as follows: (Updated 8/16)

We will be using X and Y for the competition. On the 3DS. Perhaps we can do another, more serious, tourney later with Pokemon Showdown.


Full 6 on 6 battles with standard rules (every Pokemon will be set to lv 50). Every match should include one single battle and one double battle and if necessary a single battle tie-breaker unless both trainers decide to have different types beforehand.

All Pokemon are eligible. Limit one legendary per team. You may even have a full team of Magikarp or Tyranitar if you so desire.

No item restrictions. All your Pokemon may hold leftovers, for instance.

You may use more than one team and may switch between battles.

If I've forgotten any vital information let me know. I'll bump this post every few days before the start of the tournament so you don't forget.


lastly - POST HERE IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE! WOOOOO! You can participate as long as you let me know before the 29th.

EDIT: Please remember that this is a FRIENDLY competition. I encourage you to try using new teams and styles. And don't feel like you need to EV train either. It won't hurt, but I know I won't be doing much besides using a bunch of vitamins.

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