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Hey TAY! Who Wants to Go to PAX South?

Hello, good people of TAY! Have I got an offer for you. Last spring, when badges went on sale for PAX South, I bought two 3-day passes. Now we’re a week away from the convention, and I still don’t have a home for the second one! And upon realizing “holy crap, it’s only a week until this thing happens”, I have decided to enact my Plan B: making a big post here and seeing if anyone wants it. And just to be clear: this is a GIVEAWAY. I’m not asking for anything in return for this badge.

PAX South is Friday, Jan 27 through Sunday, Jan 29 in San Antonio, TX. The big thing to see this year will probably be the Nintendo Switch, but there will also be plenty of other things going on to keep you occupied all weekend. Based on the last two years, South in particular has a lot of indie games, as well as a pretty significant tabletop gaming presence. You can peruse the vendors, panels, and events on the official website here.


“Sounds good! Is this being offered to anyone?”

I’ve only got two simple requests before you ask me for the pass: that you’re actually a regular visitor on TAY who comments enough that I probably recognize your username and not just a random internet weirdo who stumbled across this post, and that you actually be able to make it to the convention. If you aren’t sure about the latter, it’s fine to say “Hey, I’d like to go, but I need to see if I can make arrangements/get last-minute time off work first”, but I can only put this off for so long. Yeah, I kinda goofed by putting off giving this thing away, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s in a week.

“Hey, a free badge is nice and all, but the real cost of a convention is travel!”

You make a good point, hypothetical reader that exists in my head. There’s not much I can do to help you with travel, although if you can easily get near the Oklahoma City area I’d probably be willing to let you tag along on the drive with me. As far as lodging goes, you’ll want a hotel as close as you can get to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. I currently have a pretty close hotel room to myself. Honestly, there are several people here I’d be fine sharing a room with and others I’d find more questionable. If your ability to make it depends on any help I can offer with travel/lodging, let me know and we’ll talk it out. I hate to be so vague about this, but sharing a room is kind of a big issue of trust.


“Well, I think I’d like to come. How should I let you know?”

Well, comments on this post are great, because they easily let me verify that the actual person from TAY is interested (Would someone send an email pretending to be a different user? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm things.). But for working out the details it’d probably be best to do that over email, so send a message to tygore@gmail.com with a subject line related to this post, such as “TAY PAX South Badge” or “Zarnyx is a dirty hipster”. Please mention your TAY username in the body of your message, especially if it’s not obvious from your email address. I also occasionally hang around the TAY Discord chat room, by which I mean I have the Discord app and get notifications when tagged or messaged; so feel free to get me that way if that’s your thing.


“So we get there, I get the badge- are we hanging out all weekend or is this just a business transaction?”

Eh. That’s up to you- I know I have some things I definitely will be doing while at the convention, but chances are I won’t object to someone else tagging along for most of it. If you want to just take the badge and be on your way, that’s cool too! I’m pretty flexible in that regard.

“So is it first come first served, or what?”

If multiple people get in touch with me and confirm they can make it before I edit this post to say “All good, thanks everybody!”, I’ll probably find some way to determine who gets it besides timestamps. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty much playing this by ear- given the short timing I’ll actually be surprised if anyone can make it, much less more than one.


Hopefully someone around here can make it! I’d rather do something like this than just try to sell the pass to an anonymous stranger on another site, but if I don’t get any hits here within a day I’ll probably resort to that. Don’t disappoint me, people!

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