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Hey, TAYC/TAY. It’s been a long while, huh? Hope everything has been well with all of you.

It was brought to my attention that Kinja/TAYC/TAY may be facing uncertainty regarding the future of this fine place. When I heard of the news. I’m not going to lie. I felt indifferent about it. “Why should I care?” I thought to myself. My “departure” here a couple of years ago left me with a bitter state of mind due to a conversation that transpired between a couple of old Admins and myself. A conversation, in my opinion, that should have no impact on my character and my comments and conversations. And honestly, I thought it was a non-issue. I felt I have built a good rapport with a lot of people here and it was suddenly taken away, in a sense. I was told that my “comments would fall on deaf ears and that my comments would not be engaged in the same way that it used to.” Since TAY had a Discord channel. I do not know if there was scuttlebutt and gossip between those Admins and the people of TAY. But my comments were starting to get less traction and I felt like it was due to that. I felt betrayed in a way. At the same time, I knew that TAY was changing. People were starting to get busy with school, work, careers, life, moving, etc. Could it have been coincidence? Perhaps. But when those two things kind of coincide with each other. You start to think negatively about it. Therefore, instead of confronting the lot. I felt it was best if I left TAY/TAYC for a while. TAY/TAYC didn’t deserve the drama I held inside. I started to delete a lot of my old posts (a regret that I kind of have) and then just completely stopped visiting the site. Only 1 person that knew of the situation had my back. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, that person doesn’t frequent TAY anymore.

Which brings me to today. This moment. While I had some resentment. I always wanted what was only the best for this place. I never wanted it to collapse or just disappear. The more I reminisced, the more I thought about the great memories I have had here. Talking about games, music, anime and life. Making jokes. Helping those that needed help. I missed what this placed used to be (especially during the first transition we had and we had to fight to keep TAY alive). I miss talking to the old friends that I have made here in this little space of the internet. I have never been more welcomed to an internet community more than I have with TAY. And, to be honest, I probably will never find a place like this again. My apologies to those who have wondered where I was. I never intended to go completely silent and sneak off like a thief in the night. And for that, I am sorry. But what’s done is done and I cannot take it back. If this is indeed the final days of Kinja/TAY/TAYC (hopefully, it will not be). This is my farewell post to you all. This place will always have a special place in my heart. And for that, I thank you all! Thank you for the memories! And thank you for having me as a part of the community (when I was here)!

As I depart, I leave you with one more (perhaps, final) song.

The Academy Is... - Skeptics And True Believers

This is Luminous. Wishing you all nothing but peace, love, happiness and prosperity!

And as always, Game On! And Rock On!


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