I'm really feeling it!

Hey TAYsanos! It's Time for the Super Bros Super Show!

Hey, TAYters! It's been a while! How are you all doing? Mmhmm...good...good...I've been doing pretty well! In fact, me and my brother just put together something that we've been planning on doing for a while: the Super Bros Super Show with Zack (that's me!) and Logan (that's not me).

This is the first episode of out (hopefully) bimonthly podcast. We're a variety show, so we got discussions, reviews, games, dramas, and the news with Jericho Newsman and Carl Weatherbottom.

So please, give it a listen when you got the chance. It's our first episode, so we're still getting the hang of things (and if you know of how to get a podcast on iTunes or any other service drop us a line) but I think this episode came out ok.


Enjoy the episode, and expect more from Super Bros in the future!

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