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Hey! What Do YOU Do For An Inexpensive Meal?

I am not a wealthy man.

I wish I was, but the past ten years or so of my life have been marked by misfortune, illness especially. As such, I'm living below the poverty line, which is seriously putting a crimp in my decision to eat more healthily. I mean, I'm eating better than some people who are severely poor: I can stock my fridge and pantry with inexpensive items like cans of beans, rice, and cheap meat such as pork or chicken. But it's still a pretty big problem.


Even worse, a result of my illness is that I'm limited by what I can eat. I can't have wheat, you see. It's a gluten sensitivity. So, right there, I lose the ability to eat wheat tortillas and bread. Oh, sure, I can buy gluten-free bread, but only when it's on sale, and even then, only a loaf or two.

So, obviously, the solution to all this is to earn more than five or six hundred dollars a month. Alas, no solution presents itself, so I've taken to learning how to make cheap, tasty dishes, and I'd love to hear your ideas.

Lately, I've been making a lot of fried rice, but for some reason, it doesn't taste like the stuff I used to pick up cheap back home. Not really sure why. Pointers on making fried rice would be super great. Last week, I made some Chicken Tikka Massala, which was fantastic, but a little on the spicy side; my roommate said he didn't really want to eat it that frequently, even though it was pretty delicious.

So. Guys. What wheat-free recipes can you recommend to help me stretch my budget a bit further? What cheap ingredients do you use most often? What delicious recipes can you share?

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