I'm really feeling it!

Our very own intelligent and attractive brony Abracadaniel is giving out 40 TAY bucks which can be redeemed for a copy of Overwatch (details pending, but this is for real)!

But he’s tasked me with not just giving away overwatch. That’d be silly. I mean this is the game that everyone is talking about! No, to get it we’re going to have a Discord contest! The contest is going to be naming the game based on the video game fanart. There are ten pictures total. I will post one picture in the #contest chat, and whoever answers correctly first wins a point. WHoever has the most points wins the copy! In the event of a tie the winner will be decided based on whoever guesses the number I’m thinking of. We will be starting at 3 pm EST today!



discord link^^^

Just because i love that cross promotion: Overwatch is ALSO one of our June game night games! (Warframe ps4 is the other)

Novibear Won!

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