I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hi There, I'm Soul. This is my Athena.

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Howdy TAY! It’s been a while since I last posted anything, or even commented on Kotaku, and I blame a lot of that on me using Pulse/Feedly to get my gaming news... but also some of that on me kinda having all of my gaming interest taken up by Smite. Hell, I hardly turn my PS4 on anymore and when I do it’s to watch something or play Warframe.


So, I’ve decided to try and and be the Yannick of Smite, and maybe get the interest of players, newcomers, or just people who find news on games they don’t play interesting - like me with LoL articles. It’s one of the smaller MOBAs sadly but it’s a wonderful addition thanks to there being six game modes and a third-person camera, pretty unique for now, though some other MOBAs are starting to pop up with the same hate for isometric as I!

Illustration for article titled Hi There, Im Soul. This is my Athena.

The godesses Arachne and Athena. Athena may or may not be my favorite character.

Smite’s blend of third-person action and traditional MOBA mechanics can potentially make a believer out of any MOBA hater, as it has with me. The six modes I mentioned before are:

  • Arena (5v5) - Smite’s most popular mode based on player base and the one place everyone should start at. No towers to destroy, no bases to attack, no objectives to worry about losing, just some buff camps (monsters that you can kill for buffs) that can be usually ignored and a giant ring to spill blood in. Just make sure you don’t let minions get to your base, while also killing the bomb carriers. Tough you won’t learn the meta of other modes from here you’ll at least fiddle around with the free gods, and find out how some of them interact with others or otherwise learn a bunch of their skills.
  • Joust (3v3) - One lane, a series of paths on one side that sort of acts as a mini-jungle, leading to a bull guy objective, and a small area on the other side for a damage buff. Killing the bull gives your team a buff while shutting down the enemy’s tower and phoenix to combat turtling. Each team has a tower to destroy, which then leads to a pheonix you must destroy, and finally a titan to kill. Titans in Smite are the final things you have to kill to win the game and THEY WILL FIGHT BACK! You’ll either need minions to take the hits or attack it as a team, there’s no soloing these guys. This mode was revamped with a ranked league system and a new map for Season 3, it’s a lot better than what it used to be.
  • Assault (5v5) - More one-lane shenanigans, but this time with a twist. Much like ARAM (All-Random-All-Middle) from LoL, two teams of five are given random gods from the pool of gods they own, and you can only buy items after you spawn/die. You can re-roll and trade gods too. It’s a great random bit of fun that could teach people how to be sufficient with their mana and health pools, but mostly it’s just random fun. Sometimes it’s fun throwing your hands in the air while begging for a god you don’t hate, and other times... well, other times it can turn into a depressing state of “WHEN WILL THIS END!” with tears included. You have been warned.
  • Clash (5v5) - This is basically chaos on a step above Arena. Here we have two lanes with a buff to fight over in the middle, and objectives on the outsides of the map to possibly fight over. The first line of towers also can be walked around, as their firing range doesn’t actually cover the entire lane they’re in. I’m not really sure what Hi-Rez was trying to accomplish here but frankly this mode would be more interesting with 2v2 or 3v3 formats instead, however what you get now is something of a mix between pit-brawls from Arena and objective fights from Conquest.
  • Siege (4v4) - My second favorite mode after Conquest, this one has two lanes on each side of the map with the entire middle dedicated to one big connected jungle area. Four buffs are on each side of it, and the middle is home to a siege giant. The team that kills this guy gets a siege juggernaut that pushes down one lane, though you can also get one to spawn by killing lots of minion waves and enemy gods. Plus you can teleport to them from your base, so they’re pretty good to get on your side. I really enjoy having to work with my partner in a 2v2 situation at the beginning of the game, and then progress into larger 4v4 fights as staying in our lanes becomes less of a necessity. Overall there’s just more structure to it compared to the other modes.
  • Conquest (5v5) - And then there’s the big one, a staple of every MOBA ever so far, and my favorite. The largest map with several buffs and objectives on it, here you’ll want to know the most about the gods and items in the game. Each side of the jungle gets it’s own set of buffs but unlike LoL or Dota, there’s no pathway down the middle of the map splitting the two sides, making this jungle a bit riskier comparatively. The meta here changes pretty often with or without patch adjustments so it can be a bit intimidating at first, but things really pick up once you find the role/position you want to play in.
  • There’s also Matches of the Day buuuuuuttt they are intentionally goofy and game-breaking, meant only to toss a wrench at ya and spice things up. Infinite mana, starting the game maxed level with lots of gold, or just higher gold gain. I avoid them, but that’s just me.

Overview of the modes out of the way, I’m now going to slowly and gradually turn you all into fans of some degree. If you ever want to try it with a friendly person, go ahead and add ShiroSin, he’s an alright guy willing to play whatever mode you want.

Want some suggested links? Here’s a video I’ve made in the middle of Season 2, which is dry with game music turned off and zero voice communication but hey it’s something. There’s also top streamers Incon and dmbrandon. If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask!

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