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Costume Quest is the pinnacle of Halloween gaming fun. It's not particularly scary and it's not filled with flesh-eating zombies, but it does have something I rarely see anymore: Halloween spirit. In any medium, there are very few tales that live up to that same kind of wide-eyed wonderment that we gave to Halloween when we were young, but still gave that kind of coziness and good cheer that we see in the holiday when we're older—yet, Costume Quest is one of those stories.

Between the adorable homemade costumes, the clichéd pumpkin pails full of candy, and the random bouts of going door-to-door for treats or partaking in childhood Halloween games, the atmosphere of this game cannot be beat. For that very reason, I felt like it would be a perfect game to look into for some hidden delights. So let's get started, shall we?


Pretty 3|_337157 of Them...

Remember way back in the late 90's and early on in the millenium when 1337-speak was a huge thing? When, just to keep up with a mini-meme, it took you about five minutes to type out a sentence that would generally take you twenty seconds to type out otherwise? Double Fine remembers.

That's why they added in "1337 [LEET] Mode" for the PC version! To activate it, head on over to the following directory:

Steam > SteamApps > common > Costume Quest > Data > Config

From there, go ahead and open up the file titled "Buddha.cfg" in Notepad. You should see a number of lines for various settings in the game, but you don't need to worry about any of those. Just go straight to the bottom of the file and make your own new, blank line, then enter the following:

bDoLeet = true

Then save it. If done correctly, all the text in the game should be translated into 1337-Speak, such as shown above. Be careful, though, since this doesn't just affect things in the menus—it happens throughout the entire game. I'm not entirely sure if it's possible to beat the game this way, but I'm sure those of you who are 1337 enough to try can figure something out.


Stacking the Odds


Those of you who are familiar with the Grubbins on Ice, there was an achievement for finding the Easter Egg revolving around Double Fine's new game, Stacking.

When you play through the game normally, you'll encounter the Trowbog Elder. If you simply go south from the Elder, you'll run into a ramp. Follow the ramp downwards and go in the general direction it's facing—it should lead you to some flora of some kind. If you walk through this, you'll drop down onto a catwalk on the side of the mountain, which you can take to a small cave enterance.


Inside of the cave, you'll see a few familiar faces. One of them is none other than gaming's favorite chimney sweep, Charlie Blackmoore, with a not-quite-so-loveable advertisement for his grand new adventure.

Luckily, Stacking returns the favor to Costume Quest by adding it's own little reference. When you're scouring around the ship level, pay extra attention to some of the collections of rubbage—one of these piles should contain a downwards-facing pumpkin pail. [Source]


What Other Types of Camps Are There?

A much over-looked Easter Egg, also in reference to one of Double Fine's more popular games, can be found incredibly early in the game in the mall level. It doesn't require to look for any particular item; all this hidden gem requires is a good pair of ears.


When you go into the camp store, you might notice a very familiar tune. With it's twangy guitar and intrusive harmonica, it could only be one song: the Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp theme song—everyone's favorite remove government training facility for a bunch of weird but lovable kids.


There are two more hidden treats—quite literally—in the form of the game's Creepy Treats. One type of candy is called "Raz-Ums," an obvious nod to Psychonaut's protagonist, Razputin Aquato. The next is the Creepy Treat called "Candy Hair," which has a striking resemblance to the head of one of Psychonaut's antagonists, Bobby Zilch.


Going Bananas


Not all the secrets in this game are tied back to other Double Fine IP's, however. One of the most memorable I've ever run into is a strange kid in a Banana costume...

One of the children you run across during your Trick or Treating escapades is named Gob. He also happens to be in a Banana costume. If you talk to him, he exclaims:

"Like the kid in the $600 banana costume is going to follow the kid in the $20 costume....C'MON!"


For fans of the series, this will immediately trigger a flag as an Arrested Development reference, where one of the show's lead characters, also named GOB, has a tendency to buy ludicrously expensive clothing articles and flaunt them at people. One of the many articles of clothing he bought was, in fact, a $600 banana suit. C'mon.


That's enough for this week, everyone! If you didn't get your fill of hidden treats, be sure to check out my exploration of Luigi's Mansion, Symphony of the Night, and Majora's Mask. We'll be wrapping up the series next week, so be sure to check in when I go over some of my favorite creepy secrets that you might have missed in some of your favorite games!


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