I'm really feeling it!

“Hey, how you doing?”

“Me? Oh...uh, I’m uh, doing okay.”

“What are you wearing today?”

“I’m wearing a nondescript white t-shirt/dress kinda thing. It’s cool and helpful! In case I Streetpass anyone and they need a Mii to help light up a dark room in Find Mii. I’m so awesome! And thoughtful. Did I mention helpful? I remember when I spent so many play coins just to hire a white t-shirt clad dog at random to fight for me...”


“...Yeah, okay. I’m...just... Going to go now...”

If I ever had an actual epic conversation like that, I think my life would have been that much fuller.

I have, however, been spending a lot of time on the Wii U’s Miiverse as of late (instead of playing any actual games), and the way people friend you and immediately try to Wii U Chat with you makes me think that it could probably happen.

You know, if I did not ignore their calls.

That aside, the Miiverse can be so addictive! I know Kotaku has highlighted some of the drawings on there and let me tell you, it truly is an amazing thing Nintendo has created. It’s such a fun little place that I have a hard time leaving. From commenting on random people’s posts to doodling silly things and to getting into fights (no, I don’t actually get into verbal fights but I’ve seen some snark)... it’s all in good fun.


One of the things I enjoy a lot other than the banter you can find, are the Miis. I have been conversing with one particular person whose Mii, when he first commented on a Trogdor drawing I put up in the Little Inferno community, had the face of a burger. In fact, his anonymous was Burger Face. It gave me quite the chuckle.

Two days later, he changed his Mii to be a Batman Face, complete with the Batman signal as his facial features.


More chuckles!

These days, he’s rocking a regular face.

Is that the true face of Batman Burger Face? I don’t know.

When you guys create your avatar whether for your Mii or what have you, do you try to make it as close as possible to your own features? Obviously they’re not so detailed that you can tell it’s you in real life but do you keep your eye colour? Your hair style?


Miyamoto wandered into my Mii Plaza the other day via Spotpass as part of the Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon promotion. He looks like Miyamoto, and I’m so jealous of those snazzy, sparkly gold pants too, I might add.

In looking at my 338 residents in my Mii Plaza on the 3DS, I’d say more often than not, everyone designs a pretty normal face. Whether they’re fashioning their Miis after a favourite character or real life, I have no idea. I want to gravitate towards saying it’s their normal selves being represented but you know what they say when you assume.


And then you get people like this NegaNaruto Mii here or the one next to him. Scary! But oh so fascinating. It gives a nice little surprise and small insight into their interests.


As for Zarnyx the Mii in case anyone was wondering, Zarnyx was created based on a character I created years ago for a Fauxanga (faux manga) idea I was toying with when I was younger and had hopes and dreams.


I don’t actually have silver, anime hair much to my dismay. Though, I suppose if you changed the hair to brown, changed the eyes and significantly reduced the smug smile, you’d probably get the real Mii. I mean, me.

How about you guys?

Share U with Mii! (Sorry, I kinda had to say it, as bad as that was.)

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