I'm really feeling it!

After my most recent gatcha pulling session in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Fire Emblem Heroes I realized that I am hoarding so many rare materials in both games. This got me thinking about why am I even hoarding these rare materials if I don’t have a clear goal on what to use them on. Specifically, I’ve been holding onto a Hector (a rare unit) in Fire Emblem Heroes for a couple months because I wanted to give either use Hector on one of my teams or give one of the skills he learns to another unit. I finally decided fodder Hector off since I have other units how are better than him and I started running out of space in my unit inventory, but I wonder if I would have made this decision if I had more space in my unit inventory. Hoarding rare materials for sometime in the future can be fine, but I need to keep asking myself when I should finally break my hoarding habits and use my rare materials.

How about you? Do you tend to hoard rare items in games until you’re forced to use it or do you use it as soon as you can?


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