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Sony May Eventually Inhibit Trade-Ins and Reselling on PS4

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In an alarming move, Neowin have reported that the Sony Software Usage Terms suddenly restrict the resale or renting of games unless expressly permitted by Sony or the Publisher.


After taking E3 by storm and expressing their interest in keeping the used video game space as free as possible to the end-consumer, this comes as a worrying and disconcerting blow to PlayStation aficionados.

The new terms can be read in their entirety here.

6.3. You must not lease, rent, sublicense, publish, modify, adapt, or translate any portion of the Software.

7.1. You must not resell either Disc-based Software or Software Downloads, unless expressly authorised by us and, if the publisher is another company, additionally by the publisher.


The clause is rather ambiguous right now, and does not mention the PS4 in particular so whether or not this will affect the PS3 and Vita platforms is unclear. The only thing that we can do is wait for official confirmation and a press release explaining this new action.

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