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Holiday MSTay3K

How to put this? Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I always feel uneasy around this time of year. I don't really know exactly why, but it's almost over now. Before too long we'll all be back in our normal lives with schedules and work and such and it will be great.

For the holidays I thought it time to drop some science on everyone. Pure unadulterated nightmare fueling science.


Right after Mike took the helm they decided to do a "holidays" episode. They really picked a hell of a movie. "Santa Claus" is part night terror part christmas morning at your folks place on acid. It has these sections that I think are supposed to be cute but they just go on too long and get sketchy. Also, for whatever reason, Santa appears to be in some sort of battle with Satan. Yes, "teh devil" himself. This sounds more like SMT fan fiction to me. I mean who was making these movies?

Maybe at some time we'll look at Santa Claus conquers the Martians but until then I hope these images of Santa and Satan keep you up all night in your warm beds.

Have a Patrick Swayzee Chrismas!

For extra fun try and count all the callbacks. "...this must...be that show I heard about on the news....making all those callbacks..."

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