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Knick-knacks, stocking stuffers, and miscellany can be some of the most fun gifts to give and receive. It's always nice to get friends and loved ones little somethings that they would never think to get themselves. So that's what this gift guide is for. Other tayter tots are covering your manga, gaming, and anime needs, so here are a few extra ideas to brighten up some geek's holiday.


Blackjack Casino Cards (pictured above); Fangamer. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone wants everything from Fangamer. I could probably be lazy and fill this guide entirely with their stuff. These beautifully illustrated cards (or the Cards of Legend) make a great stocking stuffer for a retro FF lover. FFVI merchandise can be scant, but this is one area Fangamer has us covered.


Mega Man X and Zero Splattery Posters; The Daily Robot. Artist The Daily Robot has gorgeous posters for the discerning gamer in your life. The designs are attractive and clever, and make good "classy adult" gaming posters. If Mega Man isn't your thing, you can find Zelda, Portal, Mario, Sonic, Metroid, and more in his shop. I am partial to the "Anno Luigi" poster, especially since we know the Year of Luigi will continue into 2014, and for an eternity in our hearts.


Game console decals; Decal Girl. So your friend or family member just got a new console, or wants to trick out their old one. Decal Girl has a huge array of affordable covers for 3DS/XL, Playstations 3 and 4, X-bones and 360s, and their controllers. This is the kind of thing where you have to know your recipient's tastes. The "pink traquility" pictured above is what I have on my PS3. I'm pretty sure PHC has a dinosaur decal for his 3DS. Something for everyone!



Zelda Triforce Lamp; TheBackpackShoppe on Etsy. Here's another for the sophisticated gaming goods category. This thing got back-orders racked up fast when it first came out, but now the shop owner has a variety of beautiful designs and lamp styles to choose from. If you want something cheaper or stocking sized, the Super Mario Night Light fits the bill.



Street Fighter X Sanrio Plush; ThinkGeek. Pretty simple. Do you like iconic game characters, iconic mouth-less kitties, and soft things? Maybe you want something more huggable and like entry plug shaped things. I can highly recommend the Evangelion X Hello Kitty pillow. I also found the popular Chocobo plush in stock on Newegg.


From FANGAMER...again

E-Mug; Fangamer. Sturdy, clever, dorky, and extremely useful at home or the office. You can never have too many mugs...which is what people say and results in a too many mug epidemic. Dyram is in love with this mug.


Mechademia. Mechademia is the only academic journal devoted to anime studies, and having used it in various research papers and presentations, I can vouch for its excellence. One or a handful of issues could be an excellent gift for a hardcore anime lover in your life. If they enjoy it, you've given them a gift that keeps on giving as its an ongoing journal. Here are other solid choices for your favorite weirdo who wants to read academic studies of anime.



Persona cards, stickers, and shirts; ALMN on Redbubble. The artist of my "memento mori" shirt a few of you have complimented me on has a whole collection of Persona inspired art, available on everything from posters to hoodies. Collect beautiful silhouettes of your Persona 4 friends or give the gift of school spirit.


I hope my curatorial work here gave you a few ideas or jumping off points for your friends, family, and Secret SanTAY. If you guys have found some hidden gems for gaming knick knacks, feel free to post them in the comments.

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