I'm really feeling it!

If you don't know by now - I love FanGamer. I would spend all my money there if I could. they have some really quality art, shirts, figures, books, you name it! All based on the fabulous video games you know and love (75% Nintendo).

Things are a bit pricey ($23 for a shirt?!) but until Dec 5th shipping (which can also be pricey) is free on all orders. Here's a link!


Bonus! - Spend $50 and get a "glitched" shirt. Aka a shirt that has a minor flaw.

Double Bonus! - Spend $100 and get $20 in credit.You need this stuff. Your Secret Santa needs this stuff.

Great Mother of All that is Holy! Is that a field guide to Kanto?!


Animal Crossing socks!?


Final Fantasy 6 playing cards!?


Aaaaannnnd I'm broke.

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