I'm really feeling it!

Holy Dirty Games, Batman! More eBay Stories from PyramidHeadcrab, esq.

Evidently, this copy of ActRaiser 2 was on the set of Scanners during the exploding head scene.


There are bromine reactions that cause yellowing in plastic, and then there is video game melanoma.

My SuperFami Super Metroid has the same problem! Although this case is mild. You can't see it from the low-res Blackberry photo, but there's a ton of faint black fingerprints all over this cart.


Furret is shocked.

I knew the condition of these games when I bought them. :P If it means saving me $5 or more, I don't mind cleaning them up a bit. I'll post another topic once I've cleaned them up, and give some tips to fixing advanced cases of game disease!

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