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[UPDATE] Holy Potatoes! a Weapon shop! IS TOO HARD SO NO REVIEW

So I’ve been struggling to surpass a certain part of this game, so I’m giving up on the review.

Seriously, this game has such a huge difficulty spike several hours into the game, I have yet to see what the third level looks like. Until someone can help me, or I somehow make it on my own, I have to abandon the review I was writing since it would be ruined by negative bias.


Bias free general thoughts on the game

This game has all the addictive features present in other tycoon games, and adds a new level of polish to the genre. Micromanaging every weapon you create really helps the game from becoming tedious. Once you hit the difficulty spike however, the game can tend to become repetitive as you’re forced to create the same weapons over and over again in the hopes of gaining more money to upgrade your staff.

One major complaint about the game, is how worker salaries function. Rather than raising salary upon your characters leveling up, they increase their salary each month at random (or atleast that’s how I think it works, the game does not explain every mechanic well). This ruins the player’s ability to build up their money prior to leveling up your characters. This way, the game forces the player into a constant rush, expecting a constant flow of insane amounts of cash in order to keep up with the story, characters wages, and shop upgrades.

[UPDATE]: Daylight Studios’ community manager reached out to me in response to this article, clarifying my stance on the smith wages. The smiths’ wages do increase with their level rather than monthly. The community manager Ivan Moltini very graciously offered help with the difficulties I had with the game. Once I figure out how to do better, I will attempt to write a full review


This same issue is what makes the game so difficult, so until the game is balanced to be a bit easier later in the game, I cant give a full impressions of this game.

If you think you know how to make the game a lot easier, go ahead and tell me in the comments!


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