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Homophobic Game Developers Have Their Game Removed From Steam... Again

Operation Caucasus by Dream Games has been removed from steam for the second time, with the developers stating they won’t attempt to sell it again.

According to SteamDB, the game was removed in the same fashion it was three months ago, with the store page’s link being invalidated which suggests Valve removed the game and not the developers.


In the company’s post on the Steam Community, the company sites it’s reason for supposedly removing the game as “some persons, changed our words and showed to the people”. Referencing a Facebook message in which they insulted a pro-LGBT critic.

The company was in the news recently after offering free steam keys on Facebook, only to refuse one pro-LGBT critic with the polite message: “We’re not support lgbt. Please, just f**k you.”

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This mistake then led to a negative steam review from the victim of Dream Games which sent the Steam Community into a frenzy. The company then apologized on both the game and company’s facebook pages, as they have no website. The company claims to have “fired both editor and managing director from team” (sic) despite not stating who the editor or managing director were.


The company also attributed most of the companies issues to none other than Jim “Fucking” Sterling for a video he made on the game two months ago.

The Review containing the info on the following two paragraphs can be found here.


Dream Games was also caught attempting to bribe people into giving the game a good review. When that failed, they offered more money to get people to stop giving bad reviews. When that also failed, one steam user took the 100$ the company offered him, and continued to trash the game. The company then started threatening the user.

Days before the game’s second removal, sudden theories began popping up that the game was also A front for raising money for ISIS. Many people found pro-Islamic texts often used by members of the Islamic nation hidden within the game’s .bat files, with the developers even pointing out to people where they were.


According to the developer’s community post, not only will Operation Caucasus not be sold again on steam, the company will likely be selling the IP. Bidding begins at a nickel.


The first time the game was removed from steam, Valve had actually removed it because the game was a scam. It was not in early access, despite being a demo and sold for 9.99$, then .99$ (as a show of good will from the developers of course).

There are tons of conflicting facts in the developers many broken-english posts that the developers are dangerously incompetent, or genuinely attempting to scam people with the “product.” Additionally, the Facebook page claims the game was going to be released on September 18th for PC.


I attempted to contact the developers through steam, and have yet to receive any response. More info as this story develops.

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