Always wear protection.

So like many others on TAY, I picked up the limited edition Legend of Zleda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL Bundle last Friday.

I was concerned about protecting its beautiful finish, so for the first time in probably forever, I invested in some protection for the little guy.

I searched online far and wide, and almost got myself one of those dingy 2 dollar hard plastic cases, but I read horror stories about how they would slowly scratch away the paint job on the surface of the 3ds.

Then I found out about this amazing product, with rave reviews far and wide!


The Hori TPU cases!

The TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It's basically soft tupperware plastic, that's strong enough to protect the system from taking a slight drop or anything like that, while being soft enough to not scratch away at the surface of your 3ds like other hard crystal cases.



Those were just a couple pictures, here's a few more in an album for your viewing pleasure. Sorry for the bad lighting/quality. Only have my phone to take pictures with.

I purchased my Hori Case for about $23~ last Friday on


It's a bit more expensive right now because at the time of my purchase I got the last one from a different seller.

Overall I'm happy. It feels nice in my hands, it isn't too hard, or intrusive, and it still lets me show off my sexy Black and Gold 3DS XL.