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Hot Take: E3 2017

If you’re a regular Kotaku-ite or TAYer you might know that this is where it started. Hot Takes are now a year-ish old, and I’m bringing it back around to where it began: E3. A good subtitle for this year’s E3 could be “Let’s bore you with things you already know!” or “That thing you knew about a month ago because of leaks? Here to confirm it: Excitable dude!”. Despite a generally uninspired event, some companies had big reveals that took what would have been the most forgettable E3 on record and gave their fans life.

  • We see once again why pre-recorded events are the way to go. Nintendo’s event was packed but concise and fast paced. Using Treehouse Live as a sort of supportive explainer for those who want more information rounds it out as the perfect avenue for promoting new material. I continue to wait for major publishers to control for variables and forego live shows for videos like Nintendo.
Kit (with Krysta, both of Nintendo Minute fame) watching the Nintendo ARMS event. Kit, if you’re reading this and single (and gay), we’re soul mates. Contact me.
  • Based on live performances Ubisoft had the strongest showing. It was full of emotion and energy, especially the Mario + Rabbids segment. It’s the only real argument against the pre-recorded event. Opposite of Nintendo on this spectrum, the passion we see when developers take the stage with their heroes or labors-of-love can’t be replicated in front of a green screen.
Director of Ubisoft’s new Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game, Davide Soliani, having an emotional moment after a shout-out from Miyamoto on stage. No Carly Rae Jepsen required.
  • Microsoft had very little for exclusive content to show. Sea of Thieves looks like a good time, but other developers seem to be creating similar experiences too. Their main reveal, the Xbox One X, turned out to be the Microsoft version of the PS4 Pro (Pro-tip: Don’t buy it), and even that reveal was about as energetic as a deflated balloon.
  • Sony, unlike Microsoft, had exclusives. What they didn’t have is much ‘New’ content. A lot of what was shown off was new trailers for games we already knew were comings, like Kingdom Hearts 3. That shiny Shadow of the Colossus remake looks pretty nice. Sony seems content with making the Vita the console equivalent of Terri Schiavo.
I’ve never played Shadow of the Colossus, so it’s pretty much a new game to me.
  • Nintendo always comes in underselling their Nintendo Spotlight (maybe attempting to manage expectations) and then they blow our minds with with left-field announcements. We were hit with new game information including the big surprise, Metroid Prime 4. This “Don’t leave us hanging”tactic, despite unadulterated ambiguity, resonated with fans. They continued the hype with the Nintendo Treehouse playing a second “new” Metroid game, Metroid: Return of Samus among others.
  • The idea of eSports was ever-present with games like Star Wars: Battlefront II and other competitive arenas. Nintendo did their thing, maintaining brand control but also showing a production, polish, and (despite being late to the game) mastery in invitationals tournaments for Splatoon 2, Pokken DX, and Arms.
After the Pokken invitational, winners were given signed, commemorative posters and a chance to spar with the game’s developers!
  • Is Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo’s answer to the collectathon, open world, adventure-platformer we asked for with Yooka-Laylee? They even said on Tree House Live that there were tons of collectables (100 coins seems awfully similar to 100 musical notes).
  • The ability-mixing mechanic from the new Kirby game, to be released in 2018, seems pretty familiar. We saw the return of an ability from Kirby: The Crystal Shards. Maybe we’ll see a return of Miracle Matter and O².
Really Nintendo... I’m running out of room for all these amiibo.
  • A whopping 13 amiibo were announced. RIP my wallet. Also RIP my free time: we’re getting new, headliner Switch and 3DS titles every month from now till the end of the year.

So what did everyone else think? Any off the wall theories? Smaller games that piqued your interest? Be sure to comment below!

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