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Hot Take: Fallout 4 (PS4)

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Up until now I’ve only known about Fallout vicariously. I understand the post-apocalyptic premise. I’ve watched Let’s Plays of it. It’s not some totally foreign game series to me. I was prepared for my playthrough. I thought I knew what to expect from my experience with games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I was very wrong. Fallout is a different kind of RPG. It’s a modern, polished game, but it’s built around the framework of classic do-whatever table top role playing. That makes it a lot of game to handle.

  • This game is massive. And on top of massive, it’s open ended. After the intro, your character leaves the vault and given minimal direction and opens even more after the first real mission. For me it was a little overwhelming having all the options in the game world. I still haven’t gotten much past Diamond City despite having played for more than a few hours. For others who might be focused on the main story it was/will probably be easier to not be distracted by side-quests.
  • I never escaped a mindset of inventory anxiety. There are so many things to collect in the game, the majority wholly unnecessary, that on many missions I found myself overburdened. I wouldn’t even be halfway through a quest before needing to make an emergency trip to the nearest settlement (but I NEED to bring that silver fork with me, who knows when it’ll come in handy!). Even using my partners as pack mules didn’t help.
  • Graphically, I wasn’t left impressed with the PS4 version. I hear that with mods the PC version can look pretty good, but I think that average consumers won’t know how to use mods, or have a PC capable of producing those insanely good graphics.
  • I like that there are so many ways to approach the game. You can lay on the charm or let your guns do the talking. I am trying really hard to do a sneaky-sexy-sniper playthrough, but I’m finding I’m not patient enough to be a sniper. I’m also not brave enough for closer combat. I end up doing a little of both.

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far. It seems like I’ve done a lot but at the same time like I’ve just scratched the surface, and the completionist in me is shuddering at the thought of attempting to do everything. I’ll get to DLC eventually as well, but first I need to collect everything in Diamond City.

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