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Hot Take: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile)

Now that Nintendo has has gotten knee deep in the mobile games market I find myself asking the question: What makes a good mobile game? I’ve never gotten too involved in that area of gaming before now, and my knowledge of said market is pretty limited. I know the staples like Angry Bird and Candy Crush. But those were just re-skins of games we’ve seen before right? Nintendo has a history of re-releasing the same game multiple times and adding just what is needed for a fresh experience. This is old news. Fire Emblem Heroes is that. The console version, but less meaty and changed enough to make it fresh.

  • The Fire Emblem combat system we know and love is making it’s debut on mobile. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?
  • Feathers are the most important currency in the game, allowing you to increase your hero’s star ratings, but there’s no reliable way to get them, even with real money! It might be because they want players to use the orbs to gather heroes rather than use feathers to strengthen the ones they have.
  • Speaking of orbs, the randomness of heroes is not something I appreciate. It’s free-to-play up to a point.
  • The grind is real.
  • Your favorite heroes from across the ages are here to fight! Marth, Roy, Robin, Corrin, Tiki all join forces with some lesser known warriors in a fight to defeat some person I don’t remember because, let’s be honest, the story here is paper thin.
  • I don’t really get why a warrior’s clothes has to fall apart in battle. It must be fan service, because honestly why else would they give us this?:
  • The variety in maps leaves a lot to be desired. After a day or so of gameplay you’ll find yourself replaying maps. Some maps are easy to win because of player placement. Some maps have choke points that make the battles feel too long. A little more variety and even-ness would be nice.

I won’t fault Nintendo for Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s a great entry point for mobile gamers who aren’t familiar with Nintendo’s franchises outside Zelda and Mario. For them Nintendo has taken the meat of Fire Emblem and made an appetizer. But for fanboys and hardcores like us, it’s more of a midnight snack. Something to satisfy a five-minute gaming hunger when we need it.

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