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Lost Reavers doesn’t fail at being a fair free-to-play game, it fails at being a decent game in general. Free-to-play gaming can be worthwhile, just look at Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Even Nintendo has given us a gamut of fair and interesting free to play games like Pokemon Picross, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, and Stretchmo. Despite being free-to-play these had a foundation of solid, fun gameplay. The free-to-play aspect isn’t what ruins Lost Reavers, it’s everything else.

  • The theme has been done; some convoluted psuedo sci-fi thing, and I’m not exactly sure what it has to do with zombies either. It’s cheesy enough that it could have worked, but I think the game takes itself too seriously for that to happen. The characters are generic to the extreme. I never had a reason to care about the story or characters.
  • The graphics harken to an early PS3 era, and saying that might be generous. Textures run from basic to muddy and sub-par. Models for the enemies are primitive.
  • Lost Reavers’ biggest sin is being boring. I’m not exaggerating in saying that you will have done everything worth doing within the first hour of the game. The gameplay a repetitive grind. It doesn’t provide interesting mechanics or co-op opportunities.
  • The controls feel bulky and the camera is unruly.
  • The stage selection is anemic and uninspired. You are given two stages from the start. Then the levels are slightly harder after some grinding. Then it expands to slightly more complex versions of the same two stages (Now with 100% more boss battles) after you grind more.

Lost Reavers is lazy, half-hearted mush. It’s not that I had any hype for the game, but I guess I’m lucky I never got let down.

Here’s some gameplay that was recorded of me and some randoms I got paired with. I haven’t watched the video in full, I just know that playing felt like a chore and I never got the opportunity to fight a boss.


For your enjoyment:

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