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This past weekend I took my first trip to NYC and naturally, instead of visiting the Kotaku offices to visit my favorite gaming news editors, I made my way to the Nintendo NYC store for a bit of a shopping spree. The experience is something I’d been looking forward to for a while. I was not disappointed.

  • There was plenty of Nintendo history on display, like the famous Gulf War Gameboy. You had consoles stretching back to the Game & Watch, all displayed in brightly-lit glass cases.
The OG handheld.
Nintendium ©
The original Game Boy came out in 1989. That’s nearly 30 years ago!
A beautiful sight. Hey there R.O.B.
That Alpha and Omega
  • Along with the visual retelling of their console history, they had celebrations of their biggest franchises like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda and even a display dedicated to the entire current line-up of amiibo (all of which I own, so #NotImpressed).
Link’s Crossbow Training is here too (cropped out).
Breath of the Wild getting it’s day in the Sun.
To reiterate: #NotImpressed ;)
  • The experience was underscored by a soundtrack of Nintendo music hits and deep cuts. Along with the usual Zelda and Mario mainstays I heard Ace Attorney’s court theme and the (underrated) Wii Shop Channel’s music
  • And of course there was merch. So much merch. A lot of it you can find online or at other retailers but were of excellent quality. The Pokémon section specifically was all merch pulled from their official online store.
  • There were some things marked as or the felt exclusive. I bought a set of bistro mugs that I’ll pull out for an intimate brunch with gamer friends some day. I got some hats that came straight out of Splatoon and they had an attention to detail down to “Stay Fresh” on the stitching inside the cap.
They had plushes for NEARLY EVERY COPY ABILITY! I wanted to buy them ALL!
That’s some attention to detail.
  • Big ticket items included statues of Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Metaknight from the Kirby franchise. Over $200 for each. Too rich for my blood.
Metaknight: Expensive.
Ganondorf: More expensive.

If you’re ever in New York City be sure to use the opportunity to stop by. Even if you don’t buy anything you can still enjoy the experience!


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