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Hot Take: Protests in the First Weeks of the Trump Presidency (Washington D.C.)

Hi TAY. So... Um... Long time no see? It’s been a few weeks since this year’s first Hot Take, but I’m here. Trying to get in the swing of things again. I started a new job with the new year and have been picking up shifts at my old salon on Saturdays (Mostly for the free haircuts and it pays for my gaming). I also got a PS4 Pro, so you’ll be seeing a little more cross-platform gameplay.

But, as some of you may or may not know, I live in the DC area, and that means heavy, heavy political involvement. So that’s what I’ve been doing instead of the Hot Takes you’ve come to expect. It’s been a weekly occurence, what with He Who Shall Not Be Named and his cohorts in power and with his ill concieved executive commands. So what is protesting in the nation’s capital like? Well:

  • Mob mentallity is real, but it’s not always a bad thing? The sheer number of people out for positive change and representation is indescribably inspiring. You feel like you are making a difference just by being part of the mass.
  • Chanting comes naturally for some. For the more shy among us you work up to it. Start with walking. Evolve into rhythmic clapping. Once you get used to the verses you’ll be starting the cheers yourself.
  • Theres a good chance that you are either 1) Unprepared without a poster or 2) Jealous that your poster isn’t as clever as someone else’s poster.
  • You’ll meet SO MANY people from so many backgrounds and places. If you were ever looking for a way to broaden your horizons, this is it.
  • I have a real issue with messaging being on point (maybe it’s the micro-manager in me). You learn that everyone’s contribution and takeaway from movements like this vary, and that’s ok. Just make sure you have people who know what they’re talking about on camera.

The Womens March on Washington


The Muslim Ban Protest at the White House


The Muslim Ban Protest at the Supreme Court

This isn’t the Supreme Court building, but I did really like the lighting for this photo.
Senator Bernie Sanders making his way about 3 feet from me.

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