I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to a new year and new Hot Takes! We’re starting it of with a bang, or with a click (a snap?) as we take in an intense hour of the Nintendo Switch press event. I’ll break down my thoughts on everything revealed at the presentation, as well as some of the trailers and gameplay from the Nintendo Treehouse event released afterwards:

  • $299.99 US seems like a totally reasonable price.
  • NO REGION LOCKING! This is a gamechanger that will be underappreciated.
  • I’m not a fan of the neon control scheme... Hopefully more Joy-Con options are available soon after launch. I’ve always been a fan of white consoles.
  • 1-2 Switch... was... something.
  • Nintendo is putting forward a lot of new faces to introduce games. Miyamoto is nowhere to be found.
  • Does ARMS mean that Punch-Out!! and Little Mac are retired from the boxing scene for good? Is there enough room for two boxing games in Nintendo’s roster?
  • I loved Splatoon on Wii U and I’m glad to see it’s getting a sequel. Everything seems to be an improvement. Hopefully they keep content from the original, like weapons and clothing.
  • Seeing a new Xenoblade only makes me remember how I need to play the first one.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors! I knew that Nintendo couldn’t stay away from working with W-Force, Team Ninja, and Koei Tecmo again. Hyrule Warriors was a hit by every measure of the word, but there was no way to push it further as far as content was concerned. Taking on a new franchise seems like the most logical step.
  • 80 3rd party games in development. That’s quite a promise. Also I’ve never played a SMT game so I’m not as excited as true series fans will be.
  • I’m getting a lot of weird vibes from this Square Enix game, Octopath Traveler. I can’t really place what other games it reminds me of. I’m glad they are producing this new RPG though. Last time they created a new original game we got Bravely Default.
  • 3rd Party: Skyrim. We knew this was coming. Looks like Travis Touchdown is coming home to Nintendo consoles! I loved the original two, so this is exciting news! Also I’m secretly excited to see Bomberman headline something again.
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to reveal a quote overheard from a meeting during Breath of the Wild development: “Let’s just take all the Zelda and mix them together”

What did you guys think of the Nintendo event? Discuss below!

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