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House (1977)

House is a bizarre horror film from 1977 directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi. Not so much horror as a sort of fantasy of a group of seven girls getting killed off in a haunted house. Also the girls are named after their important feature like Gorgeous, Melody, and Kung Fu. (Yeah the lack of pretense is admirable)

Like most horror films though it isn't especially scary. However I doubt most horror fans would honestly say that we really want to feel scared. We aren't opposed to it, but as a rule you don't get that often from this sort of film. What stands out about House is that it's just so very weird and funny.


As if trying to subvert a perfect set-up the film constantly launches into weird moments without even really trying to scare you. Now we think of Japanese horror and there's a certain image we get in our mind. In the 70s this wasn't the case.

We find House now as a really unique film that stands up today about as well as it did at the time due to the way effects were done. A really unique feel to the movie, you watch House because you want to watch a movie where a girl's head gets cut off then dances around looking at all the parts of her body. Because a girl is attacked by a killer futon. Honestly eventually everything in the house tries to kill the girls.


Nothing looks like this film. No other film has ever captured the same weirdo spirit or general vibe. Also the cat was the killer the whole time.


A year later in '78 Halloween would be released. The supernatural killer from the giallo would be transplanted to the US to do battle against the forces of teenagrdom. Horror changed a lot after that and the literary tradition of the gothic or the weird would fall to the side as the profitability of a new type of horror film demanded a new era.

While as horror fans we never really watch this stuff because of a need to be scared a bit of the variety got lost. But if you want to see just how diverse the genre was before the 80's came along watch House.

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