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Hover: Revolt of Gamers

What do you get when you mix Jet Set Radio Future and parkour? That would be quite honestly, the nearest thing we will ever get to a new Jet Set Radio. At least for now. This is Hover: Revolt of Gamers.

This up-and-coming game, like most on this internet of ours, comes from humble beginnings as a Kickstarter campaign. It was greenlit about a week ago on Steam, and it looks like it's going to get all the funding it needs and more. Hopefully, it can reach at least 60K to be as close as possible to the Sega classic.


I'm quite intrigued to see where this small French team will take the game. They're pretty honest about how the game is heavily inspired by Jet Set Radio, which is evident in the futuristic rollerblading-esque form of travel the playable characters take, the cel-shaded graphics, and the premise of a mayor taking away their freedoms with the playable characters doing what they can to get it all back.

Oh, and do you want to know who is helping to make the soundtrack?

I'm not sure if you can tell who he is by picture or not, but this man right here is Hideki Naganuma. Let that sink in for a moment. He is the man behind Jet Set Radio's soundtrack itself.

Is it wrong to get high-hopes for a game already? Maybe. I hope I'm not the only one here looking forward to it. Also! One quick thing, It's going to be on PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, Xbox One and possibly WiiU.

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