Wednesday night, when my husband came home from the gym, he found me hunched over a piece of paper. Surrounded by every shade of pink I could find in my daughter's art supplies, he just laughed and asked, "What is it this time?"

I've become crafty in the last year or two, and since Otakon is over for this year, I found myself grasping for a project to work on. Not that I don't have 3 or 4 started already, but I wanted something more. I needed inspiration. And Wednesday night I found it.

Boredom had set into the house. There was nothing to watch on TV and my daughter was in need of something to do. So I suggested Netflix. She picked a show, and turned it on. I wasn't paying attention until I heard the theme song play.

As I was sitting there watching the beginning of Jem, I was reminded how much she had meant to me. To me and my sister. And now to me and my daughter.



It was the 80s. The clothes were bright and the hair was big. I was young and impressionable and had a love of music. One Friday, like most Fridays when I was small, my father brought home a few VHS tapes for my sister and I to watch over the weekend. The first one we played happened to be Jem. And there she was: decked out in pink, and singing her heart out. We were instantly in love with her.


Over the following months and years, my sister and I watched all the episodes we could find in our local rental place. As we got older, we would always talk about Jem. We would still sing the songs. And quote lines.


And then something wonderful happened about a year ago. Someone brought back Jem. It started airing on The Hub. That's when all the nostalgia came back tenfold. My sister and I would watch Saturday morning while on the phone or texting each other. My daughter started joining us and loving Jem as much as my sister and I did. It became this bonding experience all over again.

As I sat there Wednesday night, I was filled with happiness. To know I had passed this on to my child made me happy. To know that my sister and I would always share this made me happy. And suddenly, it stuck me. I love Jem! Why not be her for a day? Why not show my love in one of my new crafty ways?




was born!

When I start planning for a cosplay, the first thing I do is check what others have done, but in the case of Jem, most people just buy the outfits online or throw something together that is close. I'm too obsessive about details to do either of those things, so I made a list of what I'll need.


Can you guys even read that? My penmanship needs some work.

So now comes the fun part: making a cosplay.

After you finish reading up and watching Jem (No one is going to do that, are they?), head over to TAYClassic. Read, comment, post!