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How About Some More Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Colors?

That purple and orange...

With all the excitement around new Joy-Cons, the Switch Lite, and all the amazing colors they’re coming in I can’t help but wonder: will there ever be more standard Pro Controller colors?

The word “Pro” is weighted heavily with connotations in video game culture. It’s been attached to many things such as elitism, gatekeeping, esports, professional gamers, competition, toxicity online, etc. All of that is also tied to a varying levels of toxic masculinity, and while Nintendo would likely never admit it, I’m sure part of the reason they chose black as the standard Pro Controller color was to keep it safely and stereotypically masculine.


While it boggles my mind why anyone would ever choose the grey Joy-Cons over the original red and blue or the hot pink and green, at least there’s choice! If someone does genuinely prefer grey they have the option. With the addition of the two new sets of Joy-Con controllers there are now 6 different sets of Joy-Cons to one single Pro Controller.

Where are the additional Pro Controller colors? What gives, Nintendo? Don’t box professional gamers or non-professional gamers in with an assumption about what colors we want! We want all the colors! I love my black Pro Controller and I have no interest in buying additional Joy-Cons at this point. I would however, absolutely consider a cerulean or a lime green Pro Controller. Or hot pink. Or some other cool multi-color design. So get on it, Nintendo!

Oh also....fix that D-pad while you’re at it.

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