I'm really feeling it!

How about some Team Fortress 2?

Listen, guys. I know you all were going to play Starbound relatively soon. And you know what? I don't blame you at all for wanting to play it. It quite literally just came out, and it's probably pretty fun. I hope it is, anyhow, but I wouldn't know, considering the fact that I am reduced to sitting in the corner of my room, weeping, because I can't conjure the $15 I need to play it with you all. So here's my proposal, to people that are in the same boat.


How about a night of Team Fortress 2? We can do whatever we want, server hop, play some Payload, MvM, etc. It's all fun! It's all good! We can hang out in a group chat of our own, and prove that we're in a cooler club than the rest of the TAYers playing Starbound. It's not like we're poor, it's not like we can't afford Starbound! We just like wartime hat simulators better than some god-damned adventure through space!

So yeah. Let's play some Team Fortress 2 in, say, three hours. That's 6:30PM EST for you cool-cat Eastern Coasters. If you want to join in, add me here, and go ahead and join the TAY chatroom. We'll stay in there for a few hours after and play some TF2 for an undetermined amount of time, because planning isn't fun at all. But you know what is? Hat simulators. Especially hat simulators that are better than space adventures.

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