I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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It’s been two months since the game was released on Ios and a few weeks since it came out on Android. So let’s talk about how our shelters’s are doing. Are your people happy and well fed and praise the name of you, the Overseer, or are they malnourished, thirsty and full of radiation, ready to burst out and take their chances in the Wasteland?

I am the ruler of Vault 114. We are currently 6 levels deep. I have 40 Dwellers with an overall Happiness of 83% with the lowest individual happiness of %75. I had a bunch of 100% but they’ve dropped a bit since I pulled the four I had in the Radio room to other duties.


’ve been able to maintain full stock of Resources, even without all rooms being manned. I have all the training rooms except the Game Room available and have people in them all. Once they max out i’ll cycle more in. For now my plan is to not dig any further but just keep cyclcing Dwellers in and out of Training rooms while making sure I have at least two in ever Resource room. I haven’t had a lot of issues with Raiders since I did some expeditions early and got enough weapons for most Dwellers to be armed. I want to try to hit 50 before I dig any further. That way I can move guys down to the lower Power Plants, Diners and Water rooms without causing to much of a drop of resources.

I do need to get another couple of expeditions out to get more weapons. As i wrote this one of my lower level training rooms got hit with radroaches and I had to pull three from the next room over to assist since none of the ones in there had guns. So for now I’ll keep moving them around, getting lower stats boosted up to reasonable levels or start having some go off to make new Dwellers. Once the Charisma on the ones training is high enough without gear i’ll send them back into the Radio room. This should help overall Happiness and will bring in more Dwellers.

I haven’t had to do this while spending money either. I got a few rare Dwellers and some guns from the lunchboxes I got through achievements. But i did drop $10 on 15 lunchboxes and I was ok with that. I got a lot of caps and some good gear. I also spent $4 on 5 Mr. Handy’s. Best in app purchase i’ve made in a mobile game. These guys collect resources while you’re not playing, can help with incidents like fire and radroaches or fight off against Raiders. Or you can send them out to the Wasteland to collect caps. They don’t get gear or XP, just caps but they don’t take damage or radiation. I have one that won’t be back for over 24 hours that I had out there for three days, but when it comes back it will have 5k caps.

Anyway, that’s enough about my vault. Lets hear about yours.

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