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I'm a great fan of classic and vintage gaming, and of course Atari fits neatly in that era. So it was with delight I saw a Wired headline promising the (latest) resurrection of the venerable brand, in the hands of a new CEO.

Then I actually read the article. This bit from Atari reboot 9.0 boss Fred Chesnais explains why the publisher is taking a "no boxes" approach, meaning no games for consoles, period:

Atari is developing a new version of one of its classic titles, Asteroids, an arcade shooting game that was first released in 1979. In the new mobile game, players have to figure out how to survive on an asteroid after their spaceship crashes into it. "It's social, so the more friends you have the better, and you can play anywhere because it's on mobile," says Chesnais, who revived another failed gaming brand called MicroProse in 2007 (1). "It's just much more relevant."


So basically AsteroidsVille.

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