I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

It's irritating. I have adblocker for a fucking reason. EDIT: Do you know what especially pisses me off? That they moved it where the notifications and homepage buttons used to be, so that people would, without thinking, accidentally click on their third-rate cat feces and give them tens of cents in added revenue. Fuck you, Gawker. I'm on full-on rage mode for a number of reasons, and I'm standing for all of zero bullshit today. Went to Taco Bell because my doctor was 30 minutes late for my appointment and I had no time to cook, and the staff there was completely ignoring me while chatting it up in Punjabi, and once they finally decided to shut the fuck up and take my order, they gave me bean burritos instead of the beef ones I ordered, and didn't give me cheese for my nachos. Fuck them, and fuck that restaurant. Fuck click-baiting losers who don't deserve air. Fuck people who drive like assholes. Fuck people who ignore objective fact and shove their head firmly into their ass and have the gall to tell you they're right. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck the news media, and their fixation on celebritards and corporate propaganda while the world could be actually - I'll be fucked - fixing the problems it's creating.

Oh, and fuck the people that caused me to miss 30 minutes of my life as illustrated in the diagram below. Fuck them, fuck their cars, I hope they don't start in the morning and require $5000 of repairs.

Illustration for article titled [Updated with extra sass] How can I get rid of this trending on related blogs shit?

Godspeed you, TAY. You all rock, even if the world we're stuck in sucks.

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